In Morocco it is available at many restaurants; aubergine zalouk. Often it is a starter, cold salad, tapa for there. But warm it is very tasty with fish, chicken or minced meat from the oven, warm crusty bread, delicious marinated olives and a good bowl of djelia tea measures a lot of mint tea! Have some finely ground with some fresh thyme and argan oil. Sometimes there may also be some fried egg over it. Really delicious!


  • put a shelf, oven plate with baking paper, sharp knife, sea salt, lemon, olive oil and spices ready

What you need:

  • aubergines,tomatoes,black garlic,spices (paprika, salt, Soudania, zatar, garub molasses, chilli, lemon, olive oil, cumin


  1. Cut the eggplant over the length in half, make notches over the length in the flesh and then lay on the aubergines on the oven plate
  2. Rub with a little lemon, a little sea salt on it, ketoembar, soudania, satar over it
  3. Drizzle with olive oil, turn the aubergine over and also rub some olive oil over it
  4. Make cross cuts in the tomato and also drizzle with some oil Then they go for 45 minutes in the oven
  5. In a deep frying pan or much better an earthy tajine a good dash of olive oil and all spices with the addition of cumin, sweet and smoked paprika and some salt
  6. Do you really like spicy then add a Spanish pepper
  7. Put this on a medium fire
  8. Uncrumble the tomato, chop it into pieces and fry in the oil with the spices mixture, (lid on it helps to get the tomato nice and soft), later shuffle a little bith with a fork the tomatoes
  9. In the meantime the aubergine has cooled slightly, with a spoon remove the skin, well along the skin, just under the skin are the most vitamin
  10. Get the knife firmly on a large cutting board and then add the tomato, put the fire a little higher and cover everything well
  11. Now lower the heat, cover it and keep shoveling occasionally
  12. In the beginning all the oil is sucked up, when the aubergine and the tomato release the oil you know that it is ready. If this is not done at all then you have used too little oil. Use good olive oil, that’s the tastiest
  13. Finally cut some fresh coriander finely with stem and all, grate some cloves of fresh black garlic, stir in, turn off the heat and add some garub molasses for a nice taste balance

I’m going to take mine out of the oven now. Enjoy your meal!


Recept is van Amal Bensalah (Amella’s Food and Spices)

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